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        (310) 593-3955

        8885 Venice Blvd. Suite 205
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

        Open 9-5pm

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        About Us:

        Power Property Management is California’s industry leading full-service property management company. A company with a combined 40 years of real estate and property management experience. Our expertise is managing residential and commercial multifamily and single-family properties which include homes, condominiums, townhomes and all sizes of apartment buildings. We cover California with a focus on the greater Los Angeles area.

        We are committed to maximizing each and every clients’ investment and/or portfolio to its full potential. Our success comes from exceeding our clients expectations of leasing, maximizing rents, unit turnarounds, lowering expenses, monthly reports, city inspections, and communication.

        Property Management

        Our mission is to be the industry leader offering each client a personalized and professional experience that is built on performance, transparency, communication, and trust. We utilize the latest technology, successful marketing strategies, sound systems, and most of all a great team of people. Our team treats your investment as its own.

        Our entire team at Power Property Management looks forward to exceeding your expectations.