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        Live Chat Software

        (310) 593-3955

        8885 Venice Blvd. Suite 205
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

        Open 9-5pm

        Email Us

        I have lived in a PPM building for a number of years and have yo say my overall experience has been great. I love the building, maintenance is always friendly and every issue I've had has been resolved in a timely fashion. i work weird hours and they have gererally worked to accommodate repairs around my schedule...

        Laura O., Tenant, Yelp Review

        In Case of an Emergency

        If you have a property-threatening emergency (after the hours of 9-5 pm), please call (310) 593-3955, ext.9 to be connected to a live person. If you get a voicemail, please LEAVE a voicemail message as we may be on the other line handling another emergency. If your call is not returned shortly, please call again.

        In Case of Emergency

        If this is a life threatening emergency please call 9-1-1 first. If this is not an emergency, DO NOT CALL extension 9. Property threatening emergencies that CANNOT WAIT until the following business days are for the emergency line only, all other callers will be fined $50.00 per your lease.